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Case Study 062 - Funding strategic transport infrastructure

062 - Milton Keynes Tariff

Ensuring provision of an adequate transport infrastructure to support the growth of Milton Keynes has been a key requirement of the Prospectus for Growth.

The scale of growth required at Milton Keynes to deliver 15,000 homes by 2016 requires significant investment in local infrastructure, including transport. Milton Keynes Partnership Committee (MKPC) developed a Prospectus for Growth to establish the levels of local and strategic infrastructure required to support growth and how these would be funded. MKPC worked with delivery agencies and the local authority to assess the level of public-sector funding available and the level of developer contributions required through the tariff.

This forward planning has enabled government departments, who are often unable to commit funding more than a few years in advance, to take a longer-term view. MKPC negotiated with the Highways Agency on the prospectus to ensure it obtained their agreement in principle. This work has helped all players understand what will be required and when to ensure the transport elements can be delivered.

A Joint Transport Delivery Team has been established to manage the transport delivery plan, which forms part of the wider five-year Business Plan. Their remit includes identifying improvements required by other parties, potential contributors to highways and transportation improvements, such as future Local Transport Plans settlements, and coordinating bids for opportunity funding such as Communities Infrastructure Fund.

This strategic approach has also enabled contributions to be pooled to fund major transport projects, such as improvements to Junctions 13 and 14 of the M1 which could not have been delivered on a piecemeal basis.

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Involving transport bodies in the development of the Prospectus for Growth ensured that the transport infrastructure could be coordinated effectively to support the growth of Milton Keynes, including high density development such as the Vizion scheme.Images (image bank)