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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 060 - Assisting large scale developments

060 - The ATLAS Guide -

The Advisory Team for Large Applications (ATLAS) provides an independent advisory service to Local Planning Authorities and their partners in relation to the evolution and consideration of large-scale development projects.

ATLAS was established to assist those local authorities experiencing the pressures of increased development activity. The success of the team has been seen by its expansion from South East and London focus to cover the whole of the Southern and East regions also. The Barker Review into Land Use Planning recommended expansion to provide nationwide coverage. In addition to providing assistance with the delivery of high-quality sustainable development and speeding up the planning process, ATLAS has undertaken research work on the Planning Performance Agreements.

Based on its substantial experience, ATLAS has produced a comprehensive guide to taking complex, large-scale development projects through the formal planning process. The guide also provides specific guidance in relation to a number of key topic areas that may need to be addressed to enable projects to come to a successful outcome. The information is being provided through the internet and provides a live and interactive information web-based resource, frequently updated with new policy guidance and the learning from real-life project examples and user experiences.

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  • Project Team: Key partners: English Partnerships, CLG, Planning andAdvisory Service, The Advisory Team for LargeApplications (ATLAS)
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UDC2 Section - From Vision to Reality 

The ATLAS Guide found at was established as an independent advisory service to local authorities to assist with determining complex, large-scale projects. The website provides live up-to-date information and lessons learnt from other projects.Images (image bank)