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Urban Design Compendium

Case Studies - From Vision to Reality

Steering a project through its detailed stages to secure planning and technical approvals is a critical stage of delivery. Many potentially excellent schemes falter at this stage and fail to meet initial expectations. It requires patience, determination and understanding of both the design aspirations and the technical processes if the design and quality of the scheme is to be delivered. To ensure quality places are delivered:

  • Continue to work collaboratively so all bodies understand the vision and design principles required to deliver it
  • Ensure that the most important elements of transport, streets and utilities can be provided in ways that will improve quality of life into the long-term
  • Maintain the focus for high quality throughout the construction phase

Case Study 060 - Assisting large scale developments - The ATLAS Guide -

Case Study 061 - A collaborative approach to delivering a sustainable urban extension - Upton, Northampton

Case Study 062 - Funding strategic transport infrastructure - Milton Keynes Tariff

Case Study 063 - Delivering public transport in a new neighbourhood - Adamstown Dublin, Ireland

Case Study 064 - Developing an integrated transport system - Nottingham Express Transit

Case Study 065 - Establishing a city-wide cyclce hire scheme - Barclays Cycle Hire, London

Case Study 066 - Overcoming barriers to street improvements - Kensington High Street, London

Case Study 067 - De-ringing the ring road - Ashford, Kent

Case Study 068 - Creating a Home Zone - Gun Wharf, Plymouth

Case Study 069 - Ensuring construction quality - Ancoats Urban Village, Manchester

Case Study 070 - Building demonstration houses - SMARTLife Housing

Case Study 071 - Committing to high standards - Regent’s Square, Grappenhall

Case Study 072 - Delivering amenities early - Greenwich Millennium Village, London


Other related case studies (not in the PDF document)

Case Study 125 - Establishing a city-wide cycle strategy - Vélo V, Lyon, France


High quality images for all these case studies can be found in our image bank