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Case Study 059 - Procuring quality partners

059 - All Saints Quarter, Rotherham

All Saints Quarter was the first housing-led regeneration project in Rotherham Town Centre. A part of the wider Rotherham Renaissance Initiative, it was imperative for the project to act as an exemplar for future developments. Great emphasis was therefore placed on the procurement of a quality development partner.

All Saints Quarter aimed to provide new, high quality private apartments in a town centre dominated by social housing. Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council and its partners, Transform South Yorkshire and Yorkshire Forward, engaged a professional team led by Eye and Edward Cullinan Architects to work alongside council officers and Elected Members in a national search for the best developer and design consortium. A development brief was prepared detailing site constraints, public sector funding availability and the optimum level and phasing of development, brought together within an outline masterplan.

Shortlisted developer teams were asked to focus their efforts during the 12 week tender process on refining the masterplan and detailing design proposals for a first phase building. Review of the written submissions and design proposals were complemented by visits to bidding developers’ previous schemes and meetings with their partners. This approach allowed the procurement team to see how the five potential partners performed in practice. Unusually the price parameters for the bid were set in advance. Design quality, and the ability to deliver were therefore the primary differentiators during the bid process, with 50% awarded for each of these criteria.

Today the All Saints Quarter offers over 120 one, two and three bedroom apartments along with space for artists and independent retailers. Over time the project has evolved, responding to challenging market circumstances. However it is testament to the strength of the masterplan and the partnership between the public and private sectors that this has been done successfully.

Other Information

  • Project Team: Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Transform South Yorkshire, Housing Market Renewal Pathfinder, Yorkshire Forward / Council consultants: Eye, Edward Cullinan Architects / Developer: Iliad / Architect: Glenn Howells Architects
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UDC2 Section - Delivering Quality and Adding Value

With a strong focus on quality, the All Saints Quarter procurement process has been successful in delivering developments of high design standards

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