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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 058 - Obtaining partners through competition

058 - Crown Street Regeneration Project, Glasgow

The Crown Street Regeneration Project received outline planning consent on the basis of a masterplan, phasing plan and detailed design codes. Developerarchitect teams were then brought on board through a two-stage competition to illustrate; design, build quality deliverability, marketability and ensure that the developer believed it was possible.

In addition, the schemes had to illustrate compliance with the masterplan and design codes. Development agreements and regular assessments by the Steering Group which comprised community members and representatives of the three public partners (Scottish Enterprise Glasgow, Glasgow City Council and Communities Scotland) as well as representatives from New Gorbals Housing Association, Laurieston Community Council and Hutchesontown Community Council enforced the delivery of the quality each developer-architect team had signed up to. Towards later stages representatives of residents and tenants associations set up within Crown Street were also included.

An empowered steering group, committed project managers and the director of the regeneration project ensure that the ideas and aspirations of architects and masterplanners are taken through to construction. Transparent steering group working methods, absence of political disagreements and most importantly a committed and driven project champion are key to the success of Crown Street.

Other Information

  • Location: Glasgow
  • Project Team: Key partners: Glasgow City Council, Glasgow DevelopmentAgency Masterplanner: CZWG for Crown Street andHypostyle Architects for Queen Elizabeth Square
  • Contact:


UDC2 Section - Delivering Quality and Adding Value 

Developer-architect teams were selected to work on Crown Street Regeneration Project based on their proposed design, build quality, deliverability, marketability and their belief in the principles of the scheme.cation in an otherwise low-value area.location in an otherwise low-value area. location in an otherwise low-value area.   

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