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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 053 - Partnering to maximise available resources and skills

053 - Blueprint

Blueprint believes that intelligent, bold and attractive design supports the transformation of existing places and the creation of new ones. It brings together private and public sector organisations with a shared vision for design-led regeneration to amass the necessary skills and resources for major projects.

Blueprint’s remit is to revitalise deprived neighbourhoods through well-designed, sustainable property development. Blueprint is a unique 50-50 partnership between the private and public sectors set up to bring about sustainable urban regeneration, including strong emphasis on quality design to create liveable spaces. Blueprint is working on projects across the East Midlands alongside a wide range of organisations, often in complex partnership arrangements.

At Blueprint’s £50 million, 12-acre Nottingham Science Park extension, a new landmark for the city has been created with No.1 Nottingham Science Park. This 45,000 sq ft building is an architecturally innovative and sustainable property and is designed for occupiers requiring between 1,000 to 10,000 sq ft.

Buildings on the site are designed to sustain and enhance the natural environment while adding value and reducing the running costs of occupiers. The site’s green spaces, which will be open to the public, are designed to provide a clean and healthy atmosphere, including a boardwalk of giant wooden lily pads connecting to the adjacent nature reserve, the university lake and a wild flower meadow.

In Leicester, Blueprint worked with Leicester City Council, Phoenix Arts, Leicester Shire Economic Partnership and De Montfort University to create Phoenix Square. The scheme has recently been completed and combines leisure, the arts, living and work. Meanwhile, Blueprint is working with Derby Cityscape on a major project that includes creating a new public open space, Sadler Square, as a focal point for leisure, residential and office space linked by a series of meandering lanes.

All this has been achieved in just five years since Blueprint’s formation – demonstrating the effectiveness of working in partnership to deliver design-led urban regeneration.

Other Information

  • Location: East Midlands
  • Project Team Key partners: East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA), English Partnerships (now part of the HCA), Morley Fund Management’s Igloo Regeneration Fund
  • Contact: and


UDC2 Section - Delivering Quality and Adding Value 

Blueprint’s extension to Nottingham Science Park is designed to visually and physically link the site to the surrounding landscape.Images (image bank)