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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 048 - Using historic assets to create a place

048 - Hanham Hall, South Gloucestershire

One of the major challenges of the redevelopment of the former hospital site of Hanham Hall, is to achieve a sustainable housing scheme while preserving and making best use of the Grade II* listed Hanham Hall.

The proposed scheme demonstrates how historic assets and the natural context can add value to the creative place-making process, and offers an imaginative solution to the regeneration of the Hall. With minimal intervention to its historic fabric, Hanham Hall will be brought back to life as a flexible community centre which will include a Sustainable Living Centre, crèche and café, and offer a space for exhibitions and a base for a car club.

The Hall has also been used to structure the urban form of the proposed new development on the site. A clear hierarchy of buildings and spaces will be introduced to ensure that the Hall will become the visual as well as the functional focal point of the site. Historic vistas will be preserved and strengthened to establish strong connections with the surrounding urban fabric.

Beyond the urban form, Hanham Hall has also inspired the character and typologies of the new development. New buildings positioned in close proximity of the historic building will be more formal and urban in character. This character will gradually transform into a more informal and rural built form in response to the open countryside to the east.

Other Information

  • Location: South Gloucestershire, near Bristol
  • Project team: Homes and Communities Agency, Barratt Homes Bristol, HTA Architects (masterplan), ARUP (sustainability framework)
  • Contact:


UDC2 Section - Delivering Quality and Adding Value 

A clear hierarchy of buildings and spaces will ensure the historic Hall will become the visual focal point of the neighbourhood.Images (image bank)