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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 045 - The Value of good design

045 - Liverpool One

Liverpool One, a retail-led, mixed-use regeneration scheme, has dramatically reversed the fortunes of the city centre by bringing a new social and economic vibrancy to what was a large area of derelict land. The scheme has challenged the traditional approach to developing shopping centres to deliver a genuine piece of city with a high quality of place.

Encompassing some 17 hectares of land at the heart of the city, Liverpool One was the largest urban regeneration project in Europe. A key challenge was to knit the area back into the city’s street pattern and provide clear connections to the waterfront and the surrounding neighbourhoods, while at the same time attracting large scale investment to what was a complex site. The masterplan proposed a network of open air streets and spaces with the five acre Chavasse Park at its centre to provide strong links between the city centre and the historic waterfront.

The result is a revitalised city centre that now properly connects with the Docks and heavily benefits from the footfall between the two areas. There is a great variety in building styles, with 40 new buildings designed by over 20 different architects. Together with the plethora of historic buildings, many of which were renovated, the scheme has enhanced the city’s historical and cultural heritage.

By investing in a high quality of place, Liverpool One has been successful in attracting a multitude of high-end businesses, who had previously perceived the city as too unattractive for investment. Introducing some 1.65 million square foot of new retail and leisure space, including 160 shops, more than 20 bars and restaurants and a 14 screen cinema, the £920 million scheme has provided a huge boost to the local economy.

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UDC2 Section - Delivering Quality and Adding Value 

High quality design has helped to overcome the poor perception of the city centre by retailers, investors and consumers.

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