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Urban Design Compendium

Case Studies - Delivering Quality and Adding Value

Good urban design can add economic value by creating areas where people want to spend time and money. Well designed schemes can help transform areas. By creating places that are safe, walkable, well connected with access to facilities and employment opportunities good design can also deliver a range of social and environmental benefits. Applying urban design principles does not necessarily add costs but requires careful consideration of how the urban structure, spaces and buildings and landscape are arranged. Ensuring places deliver value requires:

  • A commitment to achieving high standards of design
  • An understanding of how good design can add value
  • Mechanisms to support good design
  • The right tools to select developers willing and able to create successful places

Case Study 044 - Estimating the value of good design - Port Marine, Portishead, Bristol

Case Study 045 - The Value of good design - Liverpool One

Case Study 046 - Attracting creative businesses - Holbeck Urban Village, Leeds

Case Study 047 - Transforming perceptions through quality design - Paintworks, Bristol

Case Study 048 - Using historic assets to create a place - Hanham Hall, South Gloucestershire

Case Study 049 - Commissioning public art - Princesshay, Exeter

Case Study 050 - Achieving high speed of sale - Chimney Pot Park, Salford

Case Study 051 - A partnership approach to regeneration - Far Gosford Street, Coventry

Case Study 052 - Involving the right players - Oxford Castle Ltd / Oxfordshire County Council /
Oxford Preservation Trust

Case Study 053 - Partnering to maximise available resources and skills - Blueprint

Case Study 054 - Establishing a partnership to deliver a shared vision - Vizion, Central Milton Keynes

Case Study 055 - Achieving diversity through small development parcels - Ashley Vale, Bristol

Case Study 056 - Providing landowner certainty - Newhall, Harlow

Case Study 057 - Accommodating freedom in design - Nieuw Leyden, Leiden, The Netherlands

Case Study 058 - Obtaining partners through competition - Crown Street Regeneration Project, Glasgow

Case Study 059 - Procuring quality partners - All Saints Quarter, Rotherham


Other related case studies (not in the PDF document)

Case Study 106 - Viability testing alongside masterplanning - Eastern Gateway Soham Masterplan

Case Study 107 - Sustainable design for older people - Prince Charles House, St Austell

Case Study 119 - Offsetting costs to increase values - Adelaide Wharf, London

Case Study 120 - Achieving diversity through small development parcels, Vauban, Freiburg

Case Study 121 - Remaining involved - Borneo Sporenburg, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Case Study 122 - Maintaining community input through the selection process - Heart of East Greenwich

Case Study 126 - Working in partnership - Staiths South Bank, Gateshead

Case Study 130 - Creating value through design - Brindley Place, Birmingham


High quality images for all these case studies can be found in our image bank