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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 132 - Creating a new mixed-use neighbourhood

132 - Devonport

The masterplan aims to create a new piece of town at the heart of Devonport with places to live, work, shop and relax in a high quality, attractive neighbourhood that is easy to walk around.

The plan uses perimeter blocks to separate public space from private space, and well connected streets to link the development back into the urban structure of the rest of Devonport. The plan, created with extensive engagement with local people, positions most of the mixed uses, including offices, shops, and a police station, along the main road through Devonport, to ensure that they benefit from high visibility and passing trade. The housing is set one block back in quieter, less trafficked streets with on-street parking and a new, public park overlooked by new homes. The market and affordable housing is mixed and is indistinguishable from the street and 60% of the homes are houses with gardens whilst the rest are flats. The plan also incorporates the important listed Market Hall with a high quality new square to improve its setting, and includes managed workspace units for local employment and an Extra Care facility with over 40 bedrooms.

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UDC2 Section - Integrated Design 

The masterplan for South Yard Enclave in Devonport, successfully combines over 450 high-quality homes, a community healthcare centre, new supermarket and shops, public open space, offices, managed workspace and the retention of the historic Market Hall.

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