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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 043 - Designing streets for different uses

043 - New Road, Brighton

The award-winning New Road, one of Brighton’s most important streets, is one of the few shared-surface, multimodal, non-residential streets to be adopted. Initiated by Brighton & Hove City Council and led by Gehl Architects and Landscape Projects, designs are informed by a detailed understanding of how people use the site and the historically sensitive surroundings of Brighton’s Royal Pavilion and its gardens, where they walk and choose to
spend time.

Based on consultation with existing users, a broadly accepted vision for new urban life on New Road was achieved. It today incorporates interests of different user groups and encourages sitting, standing and walking activities based on people-focused public space programming. Cars are allowed at all times but the character of the street signals pedestrian priority.

Partnership working and involving road users from the outset has resulted in a good understanding of the scheme and its potential benefits. The people in the street have been positive about the project, even as work temporarily affected their businesses. The success of the design has been noticed almost immediately with the street becoming a new social hub, providing a venue for community events and increasing trade for existing pubs and restaurants.

‘The scheme did not really suffer from any significant barriers as the required political support that seems to have held back similar schemes that “break from the norm” was present in Brighton & Hove.’ Jim Mayor, Brighton & Hove City Council Project Manager.

Other Information

  • Location: Brighton
  • Project Team: Birghton and Hove City council. Architect - Gehl Architects and Landscape Projects. Engineers: Rambøll Nyvig and Martin Stockley Associates
  • Contact:


UDC2 Section - Integrated Design 

Improvements to the public realm in New Road, Brighton has led to the street becoming a new focus for social activity and an increase in trade for businesses in the area
trade for businesses in the are

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