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Case Study 038 - Achieving a high density, mixed use development

038 - New England Quarter, Brighton

Despite its prime location adjacent to Brighton Station, the former Brighton station goods yard and locomotive works had proved difficult to redevelop. Having laid vacant for nearly 40 years, a high density and mixed use quarter is now emerging which features a number of interesting design solutions.

In the late 1990s the Council refused planning permission for the development of a large supermarket and surface car park with a small office and residential component, on the grounds that it did not respond to local context and failed to deliver a sufficient mix of uses. The Council then set about working closely with local residents and other stakeholders to prepare a development brief for the site, which was adopted as SPG in 2000.

The New England Consortium, comprising Railtrack, Sainsbury’s, Quintain Estates Development and other interested development parties, engaged URBED to prepare an alternative masterplan for the site that would meet the requirements of the development brief. The masterplan included a regulatory plan that fixed the key urban design parameters in the planning consent. Planning permission was granted in 2003 and construction of the scheme commenced in 2004.

When completed, the area will include approximately 350 dwellings, a supermarket with basement car parking and residential uses on the upper floors, a language school, two hotels, approximately 2,700m2 offices, a community facility and a station car park. Block densities of up to 145 dwellings per hectare and very low car parking standards (several blocks have no on-street or off-street parking provisions) reflect the high accessibility of the site.

Other Information

  • Location: Brighton
  • Project Team: Brighton and Hove City Council, New England Consortium, URBED
  • Contact:


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Low car parking standards have helped to realise high densites and traffic free streets.Images (image bank)