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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 035 - Creating buildings for flexible use

035 - Allerton Bywater Millennium Community

The Millennium Community at Allerton Bywater has been designed to provide opportunities for a mix of both uses and users whilst appreciating the limitations in demand for mixed use due to the rural/village location and the modest 520 new homes proposed.

The new development on a former coalfield site aims to stitch the community back together by bringing existing buildings back into use as community facilities and by providing flexible new building typologies that can be adapted for use to reflect changing social and economic trends as the neighbourhood grows and evolves.

A range of approaches have been taken to encourage flexible living and foster opportunities for employment and enterprise. Buildings fronting the village square have been designed with high floor to ceiling heights, and flexible floor plates to allow easy adaptation for commercial uses as demand increases.

The design code sets out a number of specific building typologies including one which marries a three storey townhouse facing public open space with an atelier unit to the rear facing onto the homezone. The atelier may house a garage, cycle parking and refuse and includes a flexible space on the first floor which can be used as a playroom, office, gym or workshop depending on the needs of the residents. The atelier typology plays a similar role as a Georgian mews, and provides natural surveillance to car parking areas. These units have proved so successful that Miller Homes are revisiting their standard house types to include the Millennium Community homes as part of their portfolio.

The development also provides 16 award-winning workspace units (all fully let and operational), live-work units at ground level and areas for future office/employment use, all within a compact well connected urban form.

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UDC2 Section - Integrated Design 

New building typologies in Allerton Bywater Millennium Community include townhouses with atelier units to the rear.  

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