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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 028 - Responding to Microclimate

028 - Bo01, Malmö, Sweden

The Bo01 development in Malmö has delivered a distinctive, resource efficient and liveable place with 500 homes, commercial and community facilities. The high quality design was achieved through the ‘quality programme’, a steering instrument for planning and building.

“Prepared as a joint venture document in collaboration with developers and the city of Malmö prior to land transfers, the shared goals and vision of the Quality Programme was critical for Bo01’s success”, explains Eva Dalman, Architect with Malmö Stadsbyggnadskontor.

Its design outcomes include a street grid distorted to gain shelter from wind. Five-storey blocks front the sea, further protecting inner buildings while reinforcing the character of the sea-front promenade. Varied forms of on-plot vegetation such as green walls and roofs reduce surface water and create identifiable locations within the development. An advanced sustainable urban drainage system creates an ecological, recreational and visual resource. Together these emphasise the varying hierarchical character of streets and public open spaces in Bo01.

A 100% local renewable energy approach adopted in the development has been successful. Orientation of building facades and roof forms maximise solar gain. In addition, solar thermal panels, wind turbines and photovoltaics help minimise energy use while maintaining the overall integrity of the architectural and urban form. Bo01 residents are encouraged to regularly monitor their energy consumption using information technology installed in their homes.

‘There were no sanctions or incentives for producing good technical solutions… the signing of the agreement was a moral commitment on the part of developers’ Tor Fossum, city of Malmö, environmental department, environmental strategy unit on the implementation of the Quality Programme.

Other Information

  • Location: City of Malmo
  • Project Team: MKB Fastighets AB, Malmö, Sweden, Lars Birve, Ingvar Carlsson, Local government, National government, European Union, Publ.-priv. Partnership Developer: SWECO Projektledning AB Architects: Moore Ruble Yudell Architects & Planners; FFNS Arkitekter AB
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UDC2 Section - Integrated Design

Five-storey apartment buildings along the seafront at Bo01 respond to their microclimate by creating sheltered public spaces and protecting inner buildings with their critical mass.Images (image bank)