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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 027 - Creating an exemplar sustainable community

027 - Hanham Hall, South Gloucestershire

The proposed development of a site at Hanham Hall as an “Eco-Village” will deliver the UK’s first large scale zero carbon housing development. New housing will be designed to meet level 6, the highest category of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

The former hospital site in South Gloucestershire, on the outskirts of Bristol, formed part of the Homes and Communities Agency’s Carbon Challenge. Barratt Homes Bristol, working with HTA Architects and ARUP, won the Challenge to create 195 homes and to renovate the historic, grade II* listed Hanham Hall as a community asset.

The new homes will be prefabricated from energy efficient materials and orientated towards the sun to maximize passive solar heating. All the new homes will be fitted with moveable solar screens to manage the temperature in the living spaces.

Appropriate materials from the present structures on the site will be recycled in the new development to reduce the carbon footprint. A biomass fuelled combined heat and power plant will generate zero carbon electricity, heat and hot water for all homes. Landscape has been designed to accommodate and increase local wildlife and rainwater will be harvested for use in homes and gardens. A Sustainable Living Centre will give residents sustainability training and offer a space for exhibitions and a base for a car club. Residents will have access to allotments and orchards to grow their own produce.

A development trust will be responsible for day-to-day management of the entire neighbourhood, including building maintenance, car sharing and gardening clubs.

Other Information 

  • Location: South Gloucestershire, near Bristol
  • Project team: Homes and Communities Agency, Barratt Homes Bristol, HTA Architects (masterplan), ARUP (sustainability framework)
  • Contact:


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Hanham Hall will deliver the UK’s first large scale zero carbon housing development.Images (image bank)