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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 105 - Delivering quality places through effectively tackling constraints

105 - North Northallerton

A comprehensive mixed use masterplan for a key development site within North Northallerton Development Area (NNDA) which is the largest single area of development proposed in the LDF in the District. The project focussed on defining objectives and establishing a shared vision for the site, between the Council, the local community, landowners and developers, and statutory bodies. Proposals for the 60 ha site include: 32 ha of residential, delivering around 940 homes, 7.5 ha of commercial and15 ha of open space.

The final masterplan presented design quality guidelines which will be used to support and advise Development Management officers and elected Members on design quality, provided practical guidance on the setting of appropriate standards in briefs and an agreed programme of implementation to supplement design policies already included in the LDF within the adopted Development Polices DPD.

The village hub concept planned for the provision of community infrastructure and not just housing and employment numbers. It was particularly important at the countryside edge to work with the landscape and local character such as treasured open spaces, topography, field boundaries and hedgerows.

Establishing a balanced inter-disciplinary team and a project management structure that supports collaborative working was important to develop a clear engagement and consultation strategy and engage key stakeholders (public, private and community) early to develop and test the vision. Listening to stakeholders needs had to be complemented with raising awareness of best practice such as Manual for Streets.

Tackling key constraints such as flood risk creatively generated distinctive SUDs solutions and was key to prevent the core vision from unravelling. Transport issues related to urban extensions proved significant and this took time, resources and robust methodologies and the needs of vehicles had to be incorporated into good place making.

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