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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 104 - Identifying and incorporating costs

104 - Churchfields, Salisbury

The Churchfields site is an industrial site close to the historic city centre of Salisbury. Wiltshire Council has the ambition for the site to become a new residential community, for up to 1,100 homes, with a mixed use centre close to the mainline rail station. There are many complications with the site such as remediation, relocation of existing businesses, potential CPO processes, demolition and provision of new infrastructure. Pre-masterplanning studies have tested the viability of the site as a future residential quarter.

After constraints assessment and the production of a relocation strategy options report, preferred options were developed in greater detail and tested for financial viability. The final implementation strategy clearly sets out the next steps for Wiltshire Council and their partners.

The pre-Masterplanning approach was very effective where there are clear complications with site development. It allowed the “commercial delivery” to inform the design process whilst also highlighting the development potential. It was important to robustly analyse existing use value of development sites, particularly in the case of sites which are already densely developed such as industrial estates. If residential development on Churchfields had been found not to be viable in the medium term the Council were keen to know this before investing in the preparation of more detailed masterplans.

It was important to identify development ‘abnormals’ such as the need for costly site preparation works, decontamination etc. early on. Pre-feasibility and pre-masterplanning studies may not be undertaken in sufficient detail to pick up these costs and therefore upon initial analysis the scheme may appear to be viable. The need for off-site infrastructure works or the need to acquire costly third party land (with potential for ransoms) must be identified as early as possible. This may not be possible at pre-masterplanning stage but it should be identified as a risk.

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UDC2 Section - Sowing the Seedg the Seed  

Land ownership was key to determine viability and the relocation strategy. Site constraints included: access, movement and landscape contexthe relocation strategyto determine viability and and landscape context 

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