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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 102 - The benefits of a thorough and tested approach

102 - Penrith

The strategic masterplan for the historic market town of Penrith for around 2,500 dwellings and 30 hectares of employment over the plan period to 2025 had to be deliverable and meet the Council’s high standards in design quality and sustainability.

The Core Strategy identifies six option sites as possible town extension sites. These growth options, for both residential and employment, were assessed with a focus upon feasibility, capacity and required infrastructure; in particular highways and transport issues. Strategic design issues were identified to ensure the required growth options are sustainable and fit seamlessly into the urban fabric of the town.

The final output of this work provides guidance to EDC and stakeholders as to the scale, nature, location and type of development that is required for Penrith over the LDF period. The client and consultant team met regularly during the process and held several officer and stakeholder workshops to discuss the plans being prepared. In order to address key stakeholders views and concerns, they all had to be treated in equal order of importance. The stakeholders consisted of elected members, planning, highways and engineering professionals from the local authority, utility providers, regulatory agencies and the companies most active in the area.

A Robust evidence base for the EIP and a practical yet holistic approach to production of the Housing DPD, including testing of growth scenarios against market perceptions and conditions and consideration of alternatives has increased confidence of Planning Officers.

Other Information

  • Location: Penrith
  • Project Team: Eden District Council, the HCA, ATLAS and AECOM
  • Info:


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Penrith Strategic Development Framework