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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 022 - Establishing community facilities through developer contributions

022 - Allerton Bywater Millennium Community

The Allerton Bywater Millennium Community developer contributions were used to rejuvenate the former infant school, Miners’ Welfare Hall and bowling green adjacent to the planned development. Allotments and a new skatepark have also been developed. The community today plays an active role in managing these facilities and organising events and functions for the neighbourhood.

Provision of these facilities prior to the delivery of the new development not only benefited the existing population but also provided a platform to integrate the new and existing communities. Allerton Bywater Millennium Community has successfully reinvigorated and expanded a former mining community south-east of Leeds. Early and continued consultation with the people living in the village and the wider community has helped deliver a range of specific and needbased facilities and benefits to the area.

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UDC2 Section - Sowing the Seedg the Seed  

The provision of a skate park prior to the delivery of development at Allerton Bywater Millennium Community has benefited the existing population and helped to integrate new and existing communities.

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