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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 014 - Promoting excellence in design and sustainability

014 - London Housing Design Guide

        The new ‘interim edition’ of the London Housing Design Guide sets out the Mayor of London’s aspirations for the design of new housing in the capital. Prepared by Design for London and the London Development Agency, with the involvement of the Greater London Authority and Homes and Communities Agency, the Guide sets a new benchmark for housing design in London.

At the core of the guide are new minimum space standards. The guide also advocates improvements in the development and procurement processes so that design remains valued from vision to delivery. Together these support the Mayor’s aspiration to “help build a better, more humane and more beautiful city, with great housing at its heart.”

The guide is based around six key themes. The structure of the themes starts at the scale of a neighbourhood then focuses on the individual home. These are:

  • Shaping Good Places: integrating the development within the wider public realm network, providing opportunities for access to open and green space, and ensuring that development enhances the existing character of the area. Housing for a Diverse City: designing for a mix of housing sizes, types and tenures, at appropriate densities.
  • From Street to Front Door: guidance on the design of shared circulation areas and the entrance and approach to a group of flats or individual dwelling.
  • Dwelling Space Standards: new minimum space standards and guidance on the size and layout of different rooms, including minimum sizes for storage and private outdoor space.
  • Home as a Place of Retreat: design guidance for privacy, dual aspect dwellings, noise, floor-to-ceiling heights, daylight and sunlight.
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation: clarifying the London approach to the implementation of the Code for Sustainable Homes in relation to London Plan policy.

Since the publication of the guidance in 2010, the standards have been applied to all housing built on London Development Agency land, as well as to housing schemes funded by the London Homes and Communities Agency since April 2011.

       Other Information

UDC2 Section - Sowing the Seed 

The award-winning Bermondsey Spa development, with its dual aspect dwellings, large balconies and generous space standards resembles the type of development promoted by the London Housing Design Guide.

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