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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 009 - Regional strategy for design quality

009 - Urban Renaissance Programme

The Yorkshire Forward Urban Renaissance Programme (URP) was launched in 2001. Since then the URP has worked with local communities across 15 programmes in 27 towns. Each programme incorporates a 25 year vision for the renaissance of the particular town.

An initiative for Yorkshire and The Humber, the URP aims to ensure that towns are places where people want to invest, work and live. Together with communities, partners and stakeholders, the URP ensures that towns are strong and competitive by being well designed, well managed, connected and accessible for people. The multi-disciplinary Urban Renaissance & Property Team uses the services of a panel of experts who work with ‘town teams’ (locally based community groups representing amenity, business and political interest), local authorities and other interested parties to re-think the purpose and physical form of their town and develop a shared vision for the future.

The Urban Renaissance & Property Team works with ‘town teams’ to develop a shared vision for the future. The town teams have continued to be active in many of the towns, increasing investment and civic pride. In Scarborough, for example, the town team has worked in partnership with the Local Authority and Yorkshire Forward to develop projects and attract private sector investment and this led to Scarborough gaining the accolade of ‘Most Enterprising Place in Europe in 2009’.

Towns from the earlier phases of the programme have completed their visions and masterplans. Implementation plans are in place that include a portfolio of projects with delivery mechanisms and timescales identified. These projects are now at various stages from development to completion. Three further towns, including Goole, Cleethorpes and Dewsbury will complete their visions and masterplans in 2010.

Other Information

  • Location: Yorkshire and Humberside
  • Project Team: Yorkshire Forward, Renaissance Towns and Cities Programme (RTCP)
  • Contact: 

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The Urban Renaissance & Property Team works with ‘town teams’ to develop a shared vision for the future.

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