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Urban Design Compendium

Case Study 006 - Integrating urban design in local planning policy

006 - Sheffield City Council

The City of Sheffield is currently undergoing a period of major development and regeneration. Recognising the opportunities that this offers in terms of achieving high quality urban design, the City Council has put in place measures to embed design in the local planning process.

In 2004 Sheffield City Council launched the Sheffield City Centre Urban Design Compendium which identifies urban design principles for the city, as well as detailed area-specific guidance for the different quarters. It informs policies in the Sheffield Development Framework as well as the new City Centre Design Guide, a supplementary planning document. The Compendium is also taken into account as a consideration when determining planning applications and provides those preparing applications with design guidance.

Sheffield City Council also set up an Urban Design Review Panel in line with national guidance from CABE. The purpose of the Panel is to review major pre-application development schemes and ensure early engagement with architects and developers.

A wide range of expert advisors drawn from the fields of urban design, architecture, sustainable planning and development make up the Panel, representing both the public and private sectors. The Panel is chaired independently from the Council and its advice is used as a material consideration in the determination of planning applications.

Other Information

  • Location: Sheffield
  • Project Team: Sheffield City Council; Masterplanner - Gillespies
  • Contact:


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Sheffield City Council’s commitment to quality has led to an integrated approach to design that is supporting the delivery of high-quality projects such as Sheaf Square, which have helped rejuvenate the city centre.Images (image bank)