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Urban Design Compendium

Case Studies - Sowing the Seed

Good design policies are needed if we are to raise the quality of places being delivered. There is now strong support for good urban design in national policies but this needs to be carried through to local level if it is to have real impact on the places in which we live. To achieve this:

  • Good urban design requires political will, leadership, appropriate policies and a sustained determination to raise standards. It also requires a long term view, typically over a generation
  • Effective policies need to provide support for urban design at every level, from the strategic to the local
  • Those determining planning applications must be given the confidence and skills to evaluate proposals and demand quality

Case Study 005 - Government support for Urban Design - World Class Places

Case Study 006 - Integrating urban design in local planning policy - Sheffield City Council 

Case Study 007 - Regional Coordination - Newcastle-under-Lyme and Stoke-on-Trent Joint Core Strategy

Case Study 008 - Improving Design Quality - Design Review

Case Study 009 - Regional strategy for design quality - Urban Renaissance Programme

Case Study 010 - A spatial framework to attract inward investment - Birmingham Big City Plan

Case Study 011 - Creating a masterplan to deliver a vision - Moat Lane regeneration project

Case Study 012 - A rating system for green neighbourhoods

Case Study 013 - Setting the standard - Building for Life

Case Study 014 - Promoting excellence in design and sustainability - London Design Guide

Case Study 015 - Local leadership to achieve sustainable suburbs - One Planet Sutton, Hackbridge Project

Case Study 016 - Defining character in social, economic and environmental terms - Brighton & Hove Urban Characterisation Study

Case Study 017 - Understanding the context of the site - Newhall, Harlow

Case Study 018 - Responding to character - arc, Bury St Edmunds

Case Study 019 - Retaining character through a rental scheme - Marylebone High Street

Case Study 020 - Culture as a driver for economic and social regeneration- Derry / Londonderry UK City of Culture 2013

Case Study 021 - Enabling public engagement in the place-making process - Charrette Series

Case Study 022 - Establishing community facilities through developer contributions - Allerton Bywater 

Case Study 023 - Involving the community in all stages of the design process - Vauban, Freiburg, Germany

Other related case studies (not in the PDF document)

Case Study 101 - The benefits of stakeholder engagement - Raunds Masterplan

Case Study 102 - The benefits of a thorough and tested approach - Penrith

Case Study 103 - Facilitating meaningful community engagement - Sellindge Masterplan

Case Study 104 - Identifying and incorporating costs - Churchfields, Salisbury

Case Study 105 - Delivering quality places through effectively tackling constraints - North Northallerton

Case Study 108 - Setting measurable standards - Edinburgh Standards For Sustainable Building

Case Study 109 - Creating a responsive development framework - Ashford LDF

Case Study 110 - Gaining political support for a framework - Yeovil Urban Development Framework

Case Study 111 - Extracting and emphasising character - Five Arts Cities In Oxford

Case Study 112 - Playing games to identify growth areas - The Ashford Game

Case Study 113 - Creating a spatial strategy for a sub-region - Future Thames Gateway

Case Study 114 - Raising design awareness - Essex Design Initiative

Case Study 123 - Creating a web-based tool to deliver sustainable communities


High quality images for all these case studies can be found in our image bank