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Urban Design Compendium

Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm, Sweden (004)

004 - Inspiring sustainable development

Hammarby Sjöstad means ‘city surrounding Hammarby Lake’ and this 200 ha brownfield development was conceived to expand the inner city with a focus on the water, while converting an old industrial and harbour area into a modern, sustainable neighbourhood.

Originally planned as part of Stockholm’s sustainable bid for the 2004 Olympics the development has retained a strong emphasis on ecology and environmental sustainability. The project has already delivered homes for almost 10,000 people in a neighbourhood and will deliver 9,000 homes and 10,000 jobs by 2015.

The scheme has already attracted international acclaim for the quality of place created and convinced many, that carbon neutral development does not require lifestyle changes. Many places are now learning from the project. The development successfully links with inner city Stockholm with contemporary adoption of the inner city street dimensions, block lengths, building heights, density and mix of uses delivering a quality neighbourhood.

Use of glass as a core material maximises sunlight and views of the water and green spaces. The scheme works successfully with the historic landscape with aquatic areas, which act as storm water drainage, encouraging biodiversity, the creation of new habitats, informal amenity areas and formal areas of public open space.

Sustainability is maximised across the development through the use of green roofs, solar panels, and eco-friendly construction products. It has a fully integrated underground waste collection system, piping waste to the local district heating plant.

The development has its own ecosystem, known as the Hammarby Model which includes a wastewater plant. The ‘Glashusett’, Hammarby Sjöstad’s environmental information centre disseminates knowledge to residents and visitors via study trips, exhibitions and demonstrations of new environmental technologies.

Other Information

  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Project Team:Key partners: Exploateringskontoret Stockholm Stad and app.20 different proprietors Developer: Exploateringskontoret in cooperation with app. 20different proprietors Masterplanner: Stadsbyggnadskontoret Architect: Stadsbyggnadskontoret in cooperation with architectsfrom the app. 20 different proprietors
  • Contact:
  • Site Area: 200ha

UDC2 Section - Aiming Higher

Hammarby Sjöstad successfully integrates sustainable principles, contemporary architecture and the historic landscape to create a high-quality environment focused on the water.Images (image bank)