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Urban Design Compendium

Newhall, Harlow (003)

003 - A new neighbourhood for Harlow

Newhall is a new neighbourhood in Harlow with a planned residential population of 6,000 with mixed uses including employment, shops, services, schools, community and leisure facilities. Urban design considerations have been key to the project and many aspects of the original masterplan and delivery mechanisms are now endorsed by government policy.

At the heart of the project is a belief that good design is vital to achieving good values and that a long-term commitment is essential from the promoters of the project, the design team and the planning authorities.

Covering 110 ha, the masterplan sets aside some 40% of land for habitat creation and leisure uses. This requires that development areas be built at higher than average densities. Careful design of the public realm and striving to achieve exemplar buildings has been essential to delivering the necessary quality of environment.

The masterplan is subdivided into development parcels ranging from around 100 homes down to individual building plots. Different architects are employed on each development parcel. Coordination is achieved through the use of design codes and an ongoing dialogue between architects and masterplanners. Each phase of development has received national design awards.

A residents’ trust was established at the outset which has a role in the management of the neighbourhood including ownership of landscape and street trees that could not be adopted. Energy standards substantially in excess of legal requirements have been achieved through the design code and future phases are set to further minimise resource use. A large number of homes are designed for live-work use or home-working which, combined with small-scale employment developments, will ensure that there is a resident community present throughout the working day.

Newhall has succeeded in creating an exceptional place with a distinctive character and identity.

Other Information

  • Location: Harlow
  • Project Team: Key partners: Newhall Projects Ltd Developer: Copthorn Homes, Barratt Homes, Moat HousingGroup, Newhall Projects Ltd, CALA Homes, Spaceover,Galliford Try Masterplanner: Roger Evans Associates Architect: Proctor and Matthews Architects, Robert HutsonArchitects, Roger Evans Associates, ECD Architects, RichardMurphy Architects, ORMS Architects, PCKO Architects, AlisonBrooks Architects
  • Contact:
  • Site Area: 110ha

UDC2 Section -  Aiming Higher

Urban design considerations at Newhall have been pivotal to the project and have led to the creation of a place with distinct identity and character such as The Chase.Images (image bank)