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Urban Design Compendium

Case Studies - Aiming Higher

Delivering Quality Places builds on the guidance in Urban Design Principles to describe in more detail the processes needed to deliver quality in the built This section looks at how the decisions made during delivery can help to support successful villages, towns and cities. It looks at what decisions need to be taken in the delivery process to enable us to deliver places that leave a rich legacy for generations to come, such as the Georgian developments in Bath, Grainger Town, Edinburgh and Brighton. It looks at the decisions required throughout the delivery process to ensure this can be achieved. It draws from recently designed places which show evidence of this holistic thinking, such as Greenwich Millennium Village, Hammarby Sjostad and Newhall along with a range of other innovative projects.

Case Study 001 - Learning from the past - Brunswick Town, Hove -   - 

Case Study 002 - An award-winning new neighbourhood - Greenwich Millennium Village, London

Case Study 003 - A new neighbourhood for Harlow - Newhall, Harlow

Case Study 004 - Inspiring sustainable development - Hammarby Sjöstad, Stockholm, Sweden


Other related case studies (not in the PDF document)

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High quality images for all these case studies can be found in our image bank