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Urban Design Compendium

Case Studies (UDC2)

Case studies include full text from the publications along with additional images, information and links. To search for a case study please use the search box at the top of the page or browse through the sections above. If you cannot see the page you need in the search results filter by 'webpage' using the menu to the left of the results.

A full list of all the UDC case studies can also be downloaded.

There are over 100 case studies which explain how others have applied urban design principles to deliver quality places. These include urban delivery tools, policies and targets alongside lessons learnt from some of the most successful places delivered in recent years.

Case Studies - Aiming Higher

Case Studies - Sowing the Seed

Case Studies - Integrated Design

Case Studies - Delivering Quality and Adding Value

Case Studies - From Vision to Reality

Case Studies - Managing Quality Places


High quality images for all these case studies can be found in our image bank