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Wick Village (218)

218 - Accommodating the car

The replacement of three towers of a 1960s estate by a new development of 123 houses, arranged in a series of courts and squares.

Provision for parking at Wick Village has been designed with two priorities in mind:

  • Avoid large clusters of parked cars. These are generally no more than ten spaces in any one area
  • Ensure that parking areas are always overlooked by neighbouring houses.

Routes through the area give priority to pedestrians through the provision of frequent raised crossing places. The frontage to the Hackney Cut Navigation is a traffic-free walkway.

Other Information

  • Location: London Borough of Hackney
  • Project Team: Levitt Bernstein Associates
  • Contact: Wick Village TMC Tel:020 8533 4311
  • Site Area: 1.6ha 


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The lack of forecourt parking ensures building thresholds are not dominated by cars  

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