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Urban Design Compendium

Waltham Forest Housing Action Trust (220)

220 - Integrating new and existing infrastructure

Partial demolition and phased redevelopment of three 1960s East London high-rise housing estates. Involves relocating 3,000 residents into 1,400 new housing units consisting of terraced housing and low-rise flats.

In creating the masterplan for redeveloping the high-rise housing estates, a key issue was the services infrastructure. Important points were:

  • integration of new infrastructure into the existing
  • a coordinated approach to infrastructure, covering all facilities including roads and services
  • identifying the location of existing services despite inaccurate existing information
  • accommodating existing services within the overall framework allowing for future access and ease of maintenance by sensibly locating new services and buildings by suing common trenches.

The existing infrastructure necessitated particular solutions:

  • An Extremely High Voltage mains and a 4ft gas mains ran across the site. Prohibitive costs meant the site layout was adapted so that these mains would run beneath roads.
  • The proposed street plan necessitated the diversion of a culverted river. It was found to be the most economical solution. The culvert was relocated along the periphery of the site and runs for most of its length beneath one of the new streets.
  • A major sewer ran beneath the proposed site of a new housing block. After initially rejecting the idea of building over, it was decided to construct the block so as to straddle the existing sewer using piled foundations on either side. .

Other Information

  • Location: Waltham Forest HAT
  • Project Team: Masterplan and Architect: Hunt Thompson associates, Alan Baxter + Associates 
  • Contact: Waltham Forest Housing Action Trust, Kirkdale House, 7 Kirkdale Road, London E11 1HP Tel: 020 8539 5533   


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Terraced housing replaced 1960s tower blocks at Waltham Forest. 

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