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Bastille Viaduct (217)

217 - Making use of existing infrastructure

This development is on a disused urban railway viaduct built in the mid-1800s and unused since 1969.

There are two elements to the scheme - a park along the length of the viaduct and below in the arches, shop units have been created taking advantage of the areas tradition for arts and crafts. The park comprises a promenade formed along its length with planting, water features and pergolas providing interest and shade on sunny days.

Linked and adjacent to the viaduct promenade are the Hector Malot Park and Gardens, laid out on the roof of a multi-storey car park. These developments take advantage of rare spaces in the urban fabric to provide beautifully landscaped open spaces offering tranquillity above the bustle of the city below.

Other Information

  • Location: Paris
  • Project Team: Architect: Patrick Berger, Landscape Architect: P. Mathien, M. Vergely, Developer: City of Paris
  • Contact: Patrick Berger, Ecole Polytechnique Fèdèrale de Lausanne, Tel: 00 21 693 46 59 32 51


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A linear park of exceptional quality runs along the top of the viaduct. 

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