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Crown Street (215)

215 - Recreating the urban block structures

Mixed use scheme comprising almost 1,400 mixed tenure homes, commercial and office space, a hotel and park. This project is centred on the site of Hutchesontown "E" which was the fifth phase of the post war comprehensive redevelopment of the Gorbals. It was a major part of the city's massive programme to sweep away everything associated with the past and replace it with a city geared towards the car with swathes of green space speckled with high rise towers. It was built in 19868, was centred on Crown Street and consisted of 12 linked deck access blocks.

The blocks suffered from incurable penetration dampness, within nine years of completion the first families were being moved out and by 1982 the blocks were completely empty. In 1987 after major campaigning by the local community the blocks were finally demolished. This left a 16 ha gap site in the heart of Gorbals.

The Crown Street Regeneration Project was set up in 1990 to facilitate the comprehensive redevelopment of this area. This scheme sees the area returning to a mass and scale of the traditional Glasgow tenement streets with buildings once again addressing the street.

The housing is largely comprised of 3-4 storey modern tenements. This mixed use, mixed tenure development has attracted a number of architects and developers who have subsequently won awards for their housing designs.

The objectives of the original masterplan were to bring benefits not only to areas contained within its bounds but to the wider Gorbals area.

Other Information

  • Location: Glasgow
  • Project Team: Master planner: CZWG Architects, Developer: Crown Street Regeneration Project
  • Contact: Crown Street regeneration Project Tel: 0141 429 8956
  • Site Area: 16 ha


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Good surveillance of parking has helped lower crime rates.

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