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Urban Design Compendium

Craigmillar Urban Forest Project (213)

213 - Using landscaping to deliver environmental, social and economic benefits

Craigmillar was built as a large public housing estate in the 1960s and for a number of years has been undergoing a major process of regeneration. Part of this process is the Urban Forest Project, which aims to ensure environmental, social and economic benefits for the community.This scheme has attracted funding from a number of sources and is part of the Millennium Forest for Scotland Project. Its major aims include:

  • enhancing local neighbourhoods§ providing recreation space
  • attracting wildlife
  • providing jobs, training and an attractive location for businesses to locate
  • reducing pollution
  • providing shelter and screening
  • enhancing educational opportunities
  • providing a model for urban forest initiatives elsewhere.

Other Information

  • Location: Edinburgh
  • Project Team: Designer: Craigmillar Urban Forest Project, Developer: City of Edinburgh Council and The Craigmillar Initiative
  • Contact: Craigmillar Urban Forest Project Tel: 0131 529 3918


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Community involvement at Craigmillar Urban Forest.

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