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Urban Design Compendium

Brandon Groves (212)

212 - How Good Design can Raise Values

Brandon Groves is an example of how good design quality can raise values. By situating the new development within the mature landscape, market perceptions of this area located adjacent to low grade 'estate' housing, have been completely turned around.

From the outset the developers took advantage of the assets the site had to offer. The site is adjacent to the greenbelt, but the area reserved as greenbelt land was of a lesser landscape and ecological value than other areas with the site not designated for conservation.

Following constructive negotiations with the local authority it was agreed to absorb the landscape open space component into the centre of the scheme, whilst allowing some development of the greenbelt. By engaging in this 'greenbelt swap' a more cohesive urban edge was created, with high quality landscaping at the heart of the scheme. A trust run by the local community was set up to ensure high standards of maintenance.

Other Information

  • Project Team: Countryside Properties
  • Contact: Countryside Properties Ltd. Tel: 01277 260000
  • Site Area: 24.1 ha  Density: 59.4 units per ha


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Housing is focussed on a central open space and works with the existing landscape

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