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Urban Design Compendium

Birmingham Urban Design Strategy (214)

214 - Transforming quality of place through public realm improvements

BUDS sought to make the city easier to read, to enhance the streets and open spaces and to reinforce the areas of character. To achieve this it advocated enhancing gateways and landmarks, downgrading the inner ring road, increasing the activities at street level, improving the public realm and building on the assets of existing core areas.

This study provided the foundation for a host of initiatives that have been developed in the city in the 1990s. These include the Convention Quarter with Brindley Place, the Jewellery Quarter and Gun Quarter. This document provided an effective tool against which all development control decisions could be made. This helped ensure the redevelopment of Birmingham was both strategic and integrated. 

Other Information

  • Location: Birmingham
  • Project Team: Designer: Tibbalds, Colbourne, Karski, Williams
  • Contact: Birmingham city council Tel: 0121 303 9944


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Quality public realm provided near Broad Street, Birmingham.

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