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Urban Design Compendium

The Piggeries (204)

204 - Improving vitality of existing town through integrated design

This development provides 71 social housing units, including a mix of family housing and flats, warden-assisted sheltered housing and a foyer scheme, all set within the Frome Conservation Area.

This project provided some important design lessons:

  • The tenure of the scheme is not discernable from the architectural form and quality
  • Building height and massing vary from 2 to 4 storeys across the site in order to respect the surrounding built form, creating a strong sense of place and containment
  • Good use of boundary treatments, such as natural stone walling and railings, contribute to the sense of enclosure
  • Buildings are outward looking, with minimal setbacks, creating active street frontages
  • Maintaining pedestrian access across the site has aided footfall to the nearby secondary retail area and peripheral streets, adding to the vitality and viability of the town centre
  • The design respects and takes advantage of the need to move through and express the slope of the site
  • The scheme successfully accommodates the car while minimising its impact
  • A high quality, robust townscape is created by attending to the detail of meter covers, chimneys, walls, bin storage, lighting, cable TV and street surfaces
  • Sustainable solutions are the result of continuity within the core design team from both conception to implementation, and establishing links with the community early in the process

Other Information

  • Location: Frome, Somerset
  • Project Team: The Architecture and Planning Group, The Guinness Trust, Knightstone Housing Association and Mendip District Council
  • Contact: Mendip District Council. Tel: 01749 648999
  • Site Area: 1.25 ha  Density: 57dph


UDC Section -  Appreciating the Context / Connections


Translates traditional characteristics into contemporary design.

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