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Urban Design Compendium

Ecolonia (203)

203 - Maximising use of natural resources

Ecolonia is a major EU-funded low energy housing demonstration project. The project is organised to develop a wide range of new technologies and housing designs, each focused on different ecological aspects. These include the:

  • Use of rainwater
  • Use of passive and active solar energy
  • Energy saving strategies
  • Reduction in water consumption
  • Recyclability of building materials
  • Organic architecture
  • Durable materials
  • Flexible ground plans
  • Soundproofingng
  • Healthy building materials

The performance of buildings is subject to on-going testing, evaluation and monitoring. Homes are arranged in groups of 8 to 18 buildings to foster a sense of community. Each group has a different environmental priority.

Other Information

  • Location: Ecolonia, Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands
  • Project Team: NOVEM (Dutch Government Trust for Energy and the Environment) Masterplanner: Atelier Lucien Kroll
  • Contact: Novem bv, Orderpoint publications, PO Box 17, NL-6130 AA SITTARD

UDC Section -  Appreciating the Context / Natural Resources

Ecolonia’s layout is centred on a reed-fringed pond, with buildings orientated to maximise solar gain

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