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Urban Design Compendium

Ravenscraig (202)

202 - Designing flexibility for future growth

Preparation of a Master Plan for the redevelopment of the former Ravenscriag Steelworks.

The closure and subsequent demolition of Ravenscraig Steelworks left a huge physical hole in the Motherwell/ Wishaw urban fabric, and a huge economic and social hole in the community. The North Lanarkshire area was traditionally very dependent on steel and allied industries, and since 1979 has lost some 40,000 jobs.

Preparation of the Masterplan in 1997 required an appreciation of these wider issues and the physical design of buildings, streets and public spaces had to take account of the constraints posed by ground contamination, deep foundations, large drainage culverts (including the South Calder Water), high voltage cables and railway lines.

The design response has been to propose an orthonogal grid (which takes a cue from Craig’s New Town Plan .for Edinburgh) aligned with these sub-surface constraints.

This provides a flexible framework that is capable of accommodating over 3000 new homes, a full range of community and leisure facilities, a variety of employment opportunities (from large single users to small workshops) and an efficient public transport network – all contained within an outstanding landscape setting.

Other Information

  • Location: North Lanarkshire, Scotland
  • Project Team: Lanarkshire Development Agency, North Lanarskshire Council and British Steel. Masterplanner: Llewelyn-Davies Property Surveyor: GrimleyEngineer: The Babtie Group
  • Contact: Lanarkshire Development Agency, Tel 01698 745454
  • Site Area: 455 hectares


UDC Section -  Appreciating the Context / Place

Ravenscraig is located between Motherwell and Wishaw

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