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Urban Design Compendium

Bracknell Town Centre (201)

201 - Generating consensus through collaboration

Bracknell Forest District Council, in the face of two major planning applications, required an urban design framework that would help set the design agenda for the renewal of the town centre and provide a basis for negotiations with the developers. A series of public workshops, which also included members, officers, and representatives from the developers, was held. These established the image and perception of the town centre and a set of design principles. The workshop groups also designed their own plans and aspirations for their town centre. A general consensus was apparent, and this formed the basis of the Urban Design Framework. The key principles on such aspects as access, mix of uses, and public realm were set out in the Supplementary Planning Guidance.

Other Information

  • Location: Bracknell
  • Project Team: URBED, John Rowland Urban Design
  • Contact: Bracknell Forest District Council, Tel 01344 352000


UDC Section -  Appreciating the Context / Community

The framework is helping deliver public realm improvements at Bracknell.

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