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Urban Design Compendium

Stage Three: Creating the Urban Structure and Making the Connections

Looking at how the scheme can be moved forward and how the existing place can be improved. See Chapters 3 and 4 for guidance

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The use of computer modelling in the Granton Waterfront project has helped articulate the desired block structure and mix of uses

Towards a masterplan:

  • Agree the assessment criteria
  • Consider land remediation and contamination problems and solutions
  • Confirm the base case i.e. ‘do nothing’ option
  • Document the management decision making process
  • Evaluate options, establishing the preferred option amongst the team
  • Work up proposals with community feedback and ongoing involvement
  • As the scheme design becomes more definite an ‘accommodation schedule’ is defined – comprising building types, uses and floor areas
  • The client should weigh the social and economic considerations against the design specifications and project objectives. This is likely to lead to the refinement of the scheme
  • Plan assessments need to be carried out i.e. traffic assessments environmental assessments, financial appraisal , designs considered etc
  • Following development of the masterplan there will be a period of review with the community and planning authority


Download 'Implementation and Delivery' in PDF form