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Urban Design Compendium

Stage Two: Appreciating the Context

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Contextual studies for Granton Waterfront

As set out in chapter 2 an appreciation of the context should be obtained, including:

  • Community appraisal / audit
  • Analysis of planning policies
  • Character appraisal
  • Environmental and landscape appraisal, including topography, geology, contamination etc
  • Movement analysis
  • Market supply and demand assessment
  • Engineering feasibility , service availability

This will involve:

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Contextual studies for Granton Waterfront
  • Meeting stakeholders, consultations, engagement, canvassing etc
  • Sifting information using a SWOT analysis
  • Preparation of the ‘design principle and objectives’
  • Agreeing the overall vision

These initial concept ideas will eventually be incorporated into the Masterplan


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