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Urban Design Compendium

Stage One: Getting Started

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Hosting an Action Planning Day during the initial phase of the Brixham Harbour Regeneration Project ensured design ideas were based on a thorough appreciation of the views of local people.
  • Identify the main driving force behind the project, whether this is community led, a private partnership, local or other public authority
  • Establish a steering group to oversee the core client team
  • Identify a project manager who has responsibility for co-ordinating and delivering the project

The next steps are;

  • Undertake an initial appraisal to identify the key issues. This might involve a think tank session with multi professions and client team
  • Set project objectives and an outline strategy, with clear design considerations
  • Develop the project brief and project execution plan
  • Assess detailed project proposals, following a comprehensive tendering process, if appropriate

Encourage active participation of the community from the outset

Download 'Implementation and Delivery' in PDF form