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Urban Design Compendium

Parking and Servicing

The way in which parking is incorporated into a scheme will have a significant impact on the quality of the development.

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Sensitive on-street parking at Chingford Hall, Waltham Forest

Parking Standards:

  • The local context and the local parking provisions should be taken into account in considering parking levels

Positioning Parking:

  • Vehicles should not dominate the space or inconvenience other users.
  • Avoid parking within the front curtilage. This breaks up frontage and restricts surveillance.
  • Ensure parking is overlooked

Car Parks:

  • Large parking areas in commercial development should be designed as part of the integral part of the landscape and managed communally
  • Pedestrian routes should be clearly defined
  • On street parking can have a certain amount of traffic calming influence
  • Underground parking allows the street frontage of buildings to be maintained
  • Multi storey car parks should only be considered when they incorporate ground level mix use activities


  • Where possible deliveries should be made directly from street to building


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