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Urban Design Compendium


Cycling can be encouraged through provision of direct and convenient traffic calmed-routes, with a safe place for people to leave their bikes at their destination.

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Converting car parking spaces nearest the station to cycle racks encourages cycle and ride. Dortmund,Germany.

The Cyclist Environment:

  • Provide clear, direct routes, low speed streets, clearly defined cycle lanes on busy streets and separate cycle tracks.
  • Parked cars can be a hazard to cyclists. Ensure there is effective parking enforcement and parking bays.

Cycle Lanes:

  • Design streets with integrated traffic calming measures
  • Provide connected cycle lanes on busy roads, especially at junctions
  • Where pedestrians and cyclists share wide pavements ensure that a raised kerb and / or clear markings are provided to emphasise segregation

Cycle Security:

  • Cycle parking should be considered as an integral part of street layout to maximise convenience for all street users
  • Provide communal bike storage in new developments


Download ''Making the Connections' in PDF form

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Download ''Making the Connections' in PDF form