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Urban Design Compendium


The needs for people on foot should be paramount in development layouts.

The Pedestrian Environment:

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Cyclists, pedestrians and cars can learn to live together. Freiburg, Germany.

Pedestrian and cycle friendly streets can be measured on the ‘Five C’ principle:

  • Connections
  • Convenience
  • Convivial
  • Comfortable
  • Conspicuousness

If streets are designed for low speed, pedestrian, cyclists, and vehicles can mix safely.

Key considerations for encouraging walking:

  • People prefer to walk along the street where they can be seen
  • If segregated footpaths are provided for they should be overlooked and well connected
  • Traffic claming measures help pedestrians feel safer
  • Well designed shared surfaces avoid conflicts of movement but encourage a variety of activities
  • New footpaths should be positive, direct and barrier free
  • Footpaths should lead where people want to go



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