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Urban Design Compendium

How the Compendium is Organised

These pages contain guidance on the principles of urban design, taken from the Urban Design Compendium.

The guidance is structured in 5 sections, each of which provides detailed guidance and practical examples of where this has been achieved:

  • Appreciating the Context – how urban design thinking interprets and builds on historic character, natural resources and community aspirations to develop a vision of what a place might become
  • Creating the Urban Structure – looking at the relationships between the components of a place: blocks, streets, buildings, open space, landscape etc
  • Making the Connections – ensuring people can move around effectively and sustainably through well designed streets, footpaths, public transport, green corridors etc
  • Detailing the Place – detailing of buildings and public realm and, critically how these work together
  • Implementation & Delivery– managing the design process beyond completion

Further guidance on the processes which help to ensure these design principles are delivered can be found in the Delivering Quality Places section.


Download 'The Fundamentals of Design' in PDF form