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Urban Design Compendium

Key Aspects of Design

  • Places for People – to be loved places must be safe, comfortable, varied and attractive. They also need to be distinctive, offer variety, choice and fun. Vibrant places provide opportunities both to socialise and to watch the world go by.
  • Enrich the Existing – places should enrich the qualities of existing urban places. Whatever the scales new developments should respond to and complement their settings.
  • Make Connections – places must be easy to get to and well integrated both physically and visually with their surroundings so people can move around without effort.
  • Work with the landscape – places should use the site’s intrinsic resources – climate, landform, landscape and ecology – to minimize energy use.
  • Mix Use and forms – stimulating, enjoyable and convenient places meet a variety of demands from the widest possible ranges of users, amenities and social groups.
  • Manage the investment – for places to be successful they must be economically viable, well managed and maintained.
  • Design for change – places must be flexible enough to respond to future changes in use, lifestyle and demography.

Download design principles table - outlining how key aspects of design relate to principles and objectives in key design documents.


Download 'The Fundamentals of Design' in PDF form