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Urban Design Compendium


The Urban Design Compendium was originally prepared by Llewelyn Davies Yeang in association with Alan Baxter and Associates, and published by English Parterships in August 2000. Since that time the UDC has become an internationally renowned text for those engaged with the world of urban design.

A third edition was updated by the HCA with studio|REAL (Roger Evans Associates Ltd) in 2013.





As a companion to the two Urban Design Compendium publications, this site provides guidance on good urban design – summarising the principles of urban design, how they can be applied and the processes which lead to successful places. Chapters of the publications can be downloaded throughout and you can also download all or part of both UDC1 in pdf and UDC2 in pdf.

UDC1 Urban design principles - the key aspects of urban design and how these can be applied to create places where people want to live, work and socialise.

UDC2 Delivering quality places - practical guidance on the steps that can be taken and barriers that need to be overcome during policy and project development to improve the quality of place delivered.


Over 100 case studies demonstrate how these principles and processes work in practice. These include full text from the publications along with additional images, information and links. To search for a case study please use the case study links in the left hand menu, or the search box at the top of the page. If you cannot see the page you need in the search results filter by 'webpage' using the menu to the left of the results.

A full list of all UDC case studies can also be downloaded.

Other relevant case studies may also be available elsewhere on the HCA website. Please select 'case study' on the menu to search other HCA case studies.      usinT Other non UDC  A

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