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Openness in Animal Research Dialogue

Sciencewise co-funded project 2013


The most recent Ipsos Mori poll on public attitudes to the use of animals in scientific  research showed a small but significant (7-10%) decline in the public acceptability of animal research in medicine – overall though there is high conditional acceptance of use of animals in research (c. 85%).

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Impacts & Value

•  National Concordat on openness in animal research (informed by public dialogue) informs priorities for Babraham Research Institute - September 2015

•  The main impact of the dialogue has been to provide solid reassurance that the Concordat is, indeed, in line with public views.

•  There have also been some small, but real, changes to the Concordat and the associated guidance document. In particular, the citation of the dialogue and the exploration of the specific things that public participants raised as being important. These included publishing details of how many animals are used and why, the use of images and films, and the need to demonstrate that efforts are made to ensure research is not duplicated.

•  The dialogue findings were also used to defend against potential dilutions of Concordat commitments as they evolved – for example, to use images in communications, and to allow access to laboratories.

Project Status

Case study published - February 2015

Dialogue report published (November 2013).

Workshops held in July & Aug 2013.

What the public said

“I want to know how many tests were done by a particular organisation and how many of them were successful and drugs came out, how many failed and how many were not going to make the medication better so had to waste money, time and the poor animal who lost its life.”
Public Participant
“More Home Office inspectors that could increase the number of random spot checks, and independent monitors with a minimum level of qualifications, competently and adequately trained.”
Public Participant

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