Tools and data

The Network of Public Health Observatories is now part of Public Health England.

This page contains historical information.

The PHOs work jointly to produce information, data and intelligence on people's health and health care for practitioners, policy makers and the wider community. Our high quality public health intelligence is central to both local and central government health policy and decision-making.

With specialist knowledge and a wealth of information and analytical skills across our network, the network of Public Health Observatories is able to provide access to a range of national and international public health data, methodological and audit tools.

We have produced the PHOs in England Tools Directory and Guide to Key Data Sources (updated February 2013) to give quick and easy access to key public health intelligence resources. Most of the tools listed are produced by public health observatories, however some are non-PHO tools used regularly by public health analysts. Some key data sources are also listed. If you would like to provide feedback on the tool, please use our Feedback Form.

National single work programme from March 2011

Tools produced by Public Health Observatories

Other tools produced by PHOs can be directly accessed through our PHO websites and themed observatories.

APHO tools pre March 2011

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