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The HIA Gateway has become part of Public Health England, joining its Knowledge and Intelligence Team (West Midlands) but remains a national and international service (see below for more details). PHE is an executive agency of the Department of Health, England. The HIA Gateway provides access to resources and information on Health Impact Assessment (HIA) for those new to HIA, practitioners of HIA and those wishing to commission HIAs or some other Impact Assessment process (i.e. Integrated Impact Assessment, Mental Well-being Impact Assessment and health-related Strategic Environmental Assessment).

Ever attempt has been made to address the issue of copyright but if you are concerned that copyright has been infringed on any of your material please contact the HIA Gateway. The HIA Gateway email address is: hiagateway@phe.gov.uk.

"International HIA Conferences".

To view papers and presentations from previous HIA and IAIA International Conferences see the "International HIA Conference Collection" under Theory Issues".

Some Recent Additions

IIA of the Core Strategy: Central Lincolnshire (SA, EqIA, HIA)
Central Lincolnshire have expanded the scope of the Sustainability Appraisal (SA) of the emerging Core Strategy and incorporated: Sustainability Appraisal including SEA, Health Impact Assessment (HIA) and Equality Analysis (EA). CL Joint Planning Unit, 2012-13.

Healthy land? Association between brownfield land & morbidity/mortality in England (paper)
This paper presents the results of the first national-scale empirical examination of the association between brownfield land and morbidity and mortality, using data from England. People living in wards with a high proportion of brownfield land are significantly more likely to suffer from poorer health than those living in wards with a small proportion of brownfield land. Bambra C. et al. 2014.

Obesity & the environment: fast food outlets (PHE)
This briefing addresses the opportunities to limit the number of fast food takeaways (primarily hot food takeaways, especially near schools) and ways in which fast food offers can be made healthier. PHE, LGA, & CIEH, 2014.

London Luton Airport HIA
HIA Report has been prepared as part of a EIA. This HIA has been undertaken to assess the effects of the proposed development on the health of the existing and future community. Ove Arup & Partners Ltd., 2012.

Active by Design. Designing places for healthy lives. Guide (DC)
This guide looks at how the design of buildings and public spaces in cities and towns can lead to positive changes in our lifestyle and ultimately to greater levels of physical activity. Design Council, 2014.

HIA of the former Marksbury Road College Site
This HIA considers the potential and anticipated impacts of the proposed redevelopment of the Former Marksbury Road College site upon the existing and future inhabitants of the south Bristol area. GVA on behalf of HCA, 2013.

HIA of the Torpoint Road Area
HIA of a planning application for enhancements to public space and provision of residential dwellings. The HIA focuses on the new population to occupy the houses, the surrounding residential properties and other potential users of the site. Stride Treglown Ltd. on behalf of Bristol CC & Knightstone HA, 2013.

Integrated HIA of the South Bristol Link Road (SBL)
HIA of the South Bristol Link scheme carried out as part of the EIA. SBL includes construction of highway, minor realignments, new infrastructure, new public transport system, cycling paths and associated greening. Includes an appraisal of the HIA process. Atkins on behalf of BCC & N Somerset Council, 2013.

Guidance for addressing inequities in health (WHO)
This is one of a series of policy briefs that describe practical actions to address health inequities, especially in relation to tobacco, alcohol, obesity and injury, the priority public health challenges facing Europe. WHO, 2014.

Conferences and Events in 2014

Adapting to the new climate – A rural affair, 27 June, Shrewsbury
Climate change is and will increasingly be an issue of central importance to the health and wellbeing of local communities. Strategies to adapt to climate change are an integral component of local planning and decision making.

Public Health in the 21st century: ‘New’ challenges ‘new’ solutions, 30 June 2014, Worcester
This event will consider some of the challenges for public health in the 21st century, and inspiring case studies will consider alternative approaches (from the 3rd sector and social enterprise) that can contribute to their solution. To book a place contact Joanne Fleet; tel: 01905 85 5147.

Festival of Public Health UK 2014, 1st July, Manchester
This is the 3rd year of this festival and the theme is “Wicked Public Health Problems: alcohol, obesity and smoking”.

Public Health England Annual Conference 2014, 16-17th September, Warwick
The Public Health England Annual Conference 2014 will be an important showcase for the latest advances, knowledge and best practice in public health, with evidence into practice at the core of the programme. There are 5 themes. Closing date for abstract submissions is 8th May.

Active by Design conference, 18th September, venue tbc
The conference is organised by the Design Council and aims to inspire and act as a catalyst for national change by sharing success stories of how design is helping people to live fitter, healthier lives.

WHO International Healthy Cities Conference, 22–25 October 2014, Athens
WHO Health and the City International Conference on Urban Living in the Twenty-first Century. Call for papers, deadline 9th June.

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HIA Bibliography: MARCH 2014

41 new references added to the HIA Bibliography of published papers on HIA, MWIA and SEA since September 2013 through to March 2014.

HIA Training Courses in 2013

Online HIA Introductory Training Courses: run approx. every 2 months 2014
This short online introductory HIA course is organised by IMPACT and is planned to start Tuesday 6 May. Registration is available until 29 April. Contact IMPACT for more information.

Community-driven HIA Course, 4-20th June, Canada
Organised by the Coady International Institute, Antigonish, Canada. This course will explore in depth a HIA process based on the idea that broad citizen involvement is essential for the development of healthy public policy. To apply visit the Coady International Institute website.

HIA training with IMPACT: 16-20th June; 10-14th November, Liverpool 2014
The Courses is organised by IMPACT and are aimed at all those whose current and future work is likely to require an understanding of the theory and practice of health impact assessment. The course is for both commissioners, practitioners and those wishing to undertake HIAs. Early bird registration rates are available before 2nd May for the June course. Contact IMPACT or by telephone +44(0)151-794 5004 for more information.

If you are running any HIA Training Courses or courses relating to aspects of HIA and would like to have them advertised here, please send details to the HIA Gateway .

Online HIA Training Courses or related resources

Healthy Places
A free online resource developed by the National Heart Forum and funded by the Department of Health (2011). See Guides for more information.

HIA for planners
Online course on HIA developed and funded by the University of the West of England (2011).See Training courses for more information.

E-learning course: Health in SEA
Free online course on health in Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA). Developed by the West Midlands Public Health Observatory and funded by the Department of Health (2010). See Training courses for more information.

HIA of mining projects
The course is free but donations are encouraged. Developed at the WHO-PAHO Collaborating Center on Environmental and Occupational HIA and Surveillance at the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Québec (CHUQ), Canada and funded by Health Canada (2009). See Training courses for more information.

Introduction to HIA
A free interactive e-learning course by NHS Health Scotland (2007), an excellent short introduction to HIA. See Training courses for more information.

Built Environment & Public Health Online Curriculum.
A US developed educational curriculum and website providing a critical overview of the built environment and related public health topics. This can be taught as individual modules, integrated into existing courses or studied as a complete course.

Want to join in the discussions on HIA?

Join the HIANET email discussion group - the international HIA mailing list for the methodological and practical advancement of HIA in the development of healthy public policies, projects and programmes. To join go to jiscmail.ac.uk/cgi-bin/webadmin?A0=HIANET and follow the instructions. If you wish to post anything please use: . Membership of the list will be processed/approved by IMPACT. If you have any problems please contact Andy Pennington at IMPACT.

Want to join the Health and Planning Discussion Group (RTPI)?

The Royal Town Planning Association (RTPI) have a Health and Planning Linkedin Discussion Group (to replace the former Healthy Communities Group) to promote and improve dialogue between professionals of the planning and health communities, publicise events, and improve the RTPI’s understanding of health and planning issues to enable better informed responses to Government consultations. The group is open to anyone with an interest in planning and health issues. You can apply to join via the health topic page on the RTPI website.

Want to join an online forum and resource for MWIA?

Go to the Local Government Association run, “Knowledge Hub” and register with the site to access the Mental Well-being Impact Assessment Group. This is a place for to: learn about MWIA; discover what MWIAs are taking place in various settings and localities; build and share the knowledge and evidence base for MWIA; debate how to measure mental well-being; improve the impact and quality of MWIAs; and for MWIA practitioners to network and share experiences.

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